Takaing photos photos of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
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I had a full day here in Barcelona, so I decided to spend it photographing Sagrada Familia. The iconic basilica in the city is an absolute wonder. The church was designed by Gaudi, but to this day still hasn’t been completed. Most people say that they are planning to have the construction on Sagrada Familia completed in 2026, which would be the 100 year anniversary of the year the construction started.
Still, even under construction, it’s hard not to take cool photos of Sagrada Familia. The basilica is an absolute wonder of the world, and a sight to be seen, for sure. I’ve been here a number of times, and it still blows me away each time I visit it.
In this vlog, I wake up before sunrise and head out to take photos of Sagrada Familia in the blue hour and at at dawn. The light wasn’t great for me, but the photos of this location always turn out pretty cool regardless. I took photos of the basilica from 3 or 4 different spots surrounding the building through out blue light and at sunrise.
Then, after a bit of coffee to wake me up, I went inside to take photos of Sagrada Familia from the inside. I’d never been to the inside before, and it is absolutely beautiful. It was definitely a fun place to take pictures. Of course, you’re not allowed a tripod inside Sagrada Familia, so I had to take my pictures handheld from inside. Both inside and outside, I shot a bit of a Sagr
Then, late in the afternoon I hiked up to Parque Guell. It was a pretty significant climb up to the park. But, the views from up there cover the whole city of Bacelona, and it’s worth the hike. The main goal of the hike, of course, was to get some more pictures of Sagrada Familia, this time from above. And, although I kind of missed the good light, it was good to get out and do some walking around the city.
Today was all about photographing Sagrada Familia, and I think it was a pretty good success.

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