I’m in Barcelona!
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After spending a couple days in Alicante, Spain, it was again time to move on. I headed up north to Barcelona. I’ve been to Barcelona before, but if I’m being honest, I didn’t really photograph it. Or, the way I did photograph it wasn’t really the best.
So, I’m excited to have a couple days in the city to do some shooting. I loved the city the last time I was here, and I’m looking forward to exploring, photographing, and vlogging Barcelona this time around now that I have a bit more experience.
In this episode, I leave Alicante ,and my new intern Greg, at the train station. They are off to Morocco for a bit of a vacation. And, of course, I’m catching the train to Barcelona. The train from Alicante to Barcelona is about 5 hours. And, like all train trips in Europe, it’s a pretty relaxed experience. I chilled out for the most part and got caught up on some photo editing and work during the journey.
I arrived in Barcelona after dark, got to my hostel, and then wandered out to Sagrada Famila, the famous Gaudi Cathedral here in the city, and shot a little bit of GoPro timelapse.
Tomorrow, I’ll be back exploring more of Barcelona, so stay tuned!